02 July 2006



Part of my therapy involves learning to steady my pace in all things, and I ran across a simple, effective piece of software which helps me to do that — well... when I'm using a computer, anyway.

WorkRave pops up little “micro-break” reminders every so often, and occasional “work break” reminders (every 45 minutes by default, set it how you will) with specific pictured instructions for light exercises involving no equipment besides your body.

It’s simple, small, runs reliably & there’s even a ’Doze version for the real masochists amonst us. And it’s in this laptop’s URPMI list, so installation is instant & convenient for me.

It ain’t perfect, but it does the job well. It’s actually designed to be genuinelty useful to RSI sufferers as well (was written by one), not just us keystroke addicts.

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