27 July 2006

What ami I?

OK, smarty-bottom answers aside... I’m now a dual Canadian-Australian citizen.

Also, bouncing through New Zealand in January (for LCA2006) carried an additional benefit in that it made me a Permanent Resident of Australia, which today (the last day possible, under the rules as they are written) appears to have solved some major hiccups in government paperwork.

My parents were told — as they re-entered Australia — that both children they’d brought (myself & younger sister) would be Australian citizens before they achieved majority. Immigration (now DIMIA) was twice wrong.

Today, a certificate arrived in the mail to say that I’m officially an Australian citizen (as well as Canadian), and have been since the 20th of July, which by itself solved at least two chunks of government paperwork problems.

The poor distraught government officer we talked to today (who happens to have learned to play bassoon and/or clarinet at the same time & place as my dear Mrs) then had to tell me that I potentially owed the government many thousands of dollars.

Then her boss assisted her with looking through the computer records and discovered my Permanent Residency, which made everything fabulous again... well, — as it should really have been all along.

Well... in theory, at least. We’ll know for sure within a fortnight.

Either way, I’m now Australian, Canadian & a permanent resident of Australia. I’m now struggling to invent another stunt to follow this all up with. (-:

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Leon Brooks said...

Two immediate answers to citizenship are:

1. parents register the birth of an au citizen with the local au embassy at the time

2. child claims citizenship by self in au at or before 20yo

I guess the 20yo limit is a hangover from 21yo-is-adult days, and the basic point is "chopose before you're adult".