21 July 2006

A weekend in the country

Heading off to here a few minutes from now, which includes this neat little chunk of rock (Castle Rock) in the Porongurups.

From here, it doesn’t look many tens of metres tall, but from ground level it certainly does.

Il machina hasn’t been driven this many clicks in quite a while, so I hope it’s still in good mechanical nick. Oh, well, I guess we’ll find out in a while.


Leon Brooks said...

WRT Castle Rock:

One walks along the ground (well, top of the Porongurups) to it, from what is the upper right in the satt-image, then walks up about 4m of sloping rock, then climbs up a sharp 3m chunk, then walks south to a 10m-or-so tall ladder which stops at the northen (highest) end of the lighter-brown stripe; then one walks a metre or two uphill from that to the little triangular viewpoint at the south end.

The drop from the south of the viewpoint would be about 50m and not exactly a soft landing.

Leon Brooks said...

Haste makes waste. Castle Rock is really here, and I'll post a few from-the-ground shots up as well, soon (maybe tomorrow AM).