11 July 2006

Quotin' Arjen quotin'...

This quote from Arjen Lentz quoting “an IP lawyer” really hit my sense of humour, even got an emotional bullseye:

When we take our best and brightest and put them to work litigating against the rest of the best and brightest, we shouldn't be surprised when we get passed by countries that actually make things.

Now that is seriously asking the management question “WFT are we actually doing?” (-:

Arjen — for those who don’t know him — has a terrifyingly good and well-controlled sense of humour. It shows through even in what must be a reasonably stressful job documenting, training people for and organising meetings about MySQL (now as “Community Relations Manager” for them).

Thanks again to PlanetLA for collecting Arjen’s words for me today.

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