02 July 2006

Not enough ironing

It turns out that much of SWMBO’s recent stress is due to not enough ironing — as in, not enough of the ferrous stuff down the gob.

It’s a subtle thing with many effects, but the proposed fix is at least very simple and doesn’t involve long stays with hospitals or therapists.

This is almost certainly related to (triggered by) my own head-smacking episode back in late February, since Lu’s stress-symptoms came together en-masse at the time.

Chalk up yet another unexpected little side-effect of the prang, but I’m also glad that if it had to happen, it had the grace to happen here in Perth, with plenteous medical assistance rather than in the bush, or in somewhere like middle Africa, South America or many Asian countries, where there isn’t as much (or in some cases any) medical technology.

SWMBO’s impression of being asked to do more ironing was not exactly printable...

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