27 July 2006

MS in FireFox denial

The rule seems to be “If you can’t stop it, pretend that it cannot happen” — MS’s new website drops a “page not found” message at FireFox-using visitors.

Well, if by that the message means “Standard HTML page not found” then I suppose it could be accurate.

MS’s reputation for “reality control” seems to be swinging to the foreground once more: it amounts to the familiar “If we didn’t like it, it didn’t happen” message heard from monopolists & dictators over the ages.

If there were fewer suckers in the world, this would be hilarious; unfortunately, said suckers take MS’s words at face value. Including their “Our MSIE visits skyrocketed [because we deliberately rejected everything else]” followup.

Ah, well, such is life. There are enough non-suckers around that MS’s snottiness will be noticed, and FireFox’s name will be heard in new places.

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