09 July 2006

More dino softness

Thanks, Chris Samuel, for your extra soft-dinosaur links, and for PlanetLA’s pointing them out to me.

I have a problem with a lot of this manner of featured reportage, which is that the reporters’re pretty much universally ready to jump on some explanation to the exclusion of all others, typically either “the researcher made a mistake” or “it’s a plot by such-and-such conspiracists”, although with Mary Schweitzer’s reports in particular there seems to remain a definite air of “hey, maybe this really did happen after all?”

Well, if it did, maybe we can do a real Jurassic Park type experiment? T. Rex on the hoof? It would make alligators seem simple & easy by comparison, but if it could be done we might learn a lot of things about dinosaurs in a hurry.

I can imagine a lot of people having a problem with that. (-:

However, it would free some surprising but apparently real data for genuine consideration. What would we learn?

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