02 July 2006

Meaters per second

Given that my speed peaks (for a km or few at a time) on the freeway cycleways hit 120km/hr, which is 33m/s, I'm beginning to seriously understand why the head-medicos speak heavily against cycling, and generally much in favour of stack-hats,

Even a mere 40km/hr is more than 11 arm-lengths a second, and I can’t imagine my fragile little egg-head doing so well if it got pushed into the tar at even that velocity.

Yet — even with all of these worrisome numbers — cycling is one of the safest ways of travelling, and reminds me that even in a big, heavy car those meters-per-second are still singing to us all through thin, collapsible sheets of steel or plastic.

Suddenly, air-cars and helicopters don’t seem all that unreasonable a choice by comparison.

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