03 July 2006

Mandriva 2007.0

I got to do a Mandriva 2007.0 install today. An ex-customer machine with a dead hard disk got a new life as a tunnel gateway. 2007.0 boots as a Live linux distribution, then y’all click on an icon and it installs.

Oh, yes, you get to choose auto, manual or custom disk partitioning, so it’s really a two-click installation rather than one, but beats the living daylights out of a 'Doze install for convenience & speed.

Other than running KDE 3.5 rather than 3.4, the basic desktop looks quite similar to the 2006.0 version, similar logos & such. I haven’t gone through & pedantified the differences in the application lists yet, but 2007.0’s a single Live CD, so something’s got to be missing to make it all fit.

It’s reasonably fast for something running from a CD, though, & I can always plug it into the remaining URPMI collection for instant extra gravy if required. And PLF too if I want extra spices on top.

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