24 July 2006

Make a sign...

Please grab, print, sign and send in LA’s petition, “Don’t ban innovation and consumer rights!”

It ain’t no magic wand, but it will bring awareness to some key politicians & many others in the path of the pending SNAFU, making it that much more difficult for the greedy corporations behind these potential new laws to drag them past unknowing eyes, & easier for people refusing or repealing those laws to do their job.

LA has an interesting quote from an Oz High Court Judge involved in dealing with FTA-related laws:

By the combined operation of the CD ROM access code and the Boot ROM in the PlayStation consoles, Sony sought to impose restrictions on the ordinary rights of owners, respectively of the CD ROMS and consoles, beyond those relevant to any copyright infringement as such. In effect, and apparently intentionally, those restrictions reduce global market competition. They inhibit rights ordinarily acquired by Australian owners of chattels to use and adapt the same, once acquired, to their advantage and for their use as they see fit.

As you can see from just these words (there are more quotes on the LA page), indecision and ignorance are going to intrude on our ability to use gear that we own.

Note the phrase “ordinary rights” describing the potential intrusion areas. This is a chance to head that off and prevent it from happening (or at least reduce it & make any ensuing laws easier to undo). Take it! (-:

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