09 July 2006

It will be morning, soon

This assurance is not one I was eager to hear from our youngest at 05:45 this morning. Especially at about 90dB... not kind to unused ears, first thing...

Miss snuggled down OK for about an hour after that, then we had a breakfast session where Miss was absolutely determined to put her milk into the bowl first, then follow it at leisure with cereal — and vigorously refused to even entertain the idea of explaining why she “must have” it that way.

Sir awoke remarkably late (06:40) given the celebrations, then chucked a complete wobbly over things his older sister “should have bought” but evidently hadn’t.

This morning was too much like dealing with those “random” customers & the variety of insane problems they habitually raise. It’d be a lot easier to face if the last couple of days had been relaxing, but Friday was very busy/wearing & Saturday was a bit... miscellaneous. Stuff had to be rearranged without notice, for example.

This has all left my beaten-up little (well... 186cm, 90kg) body somewhat worn out & weary this morning (survivor? yes; perfect? no), so I’m really ready to spend all day sleeping — except that there’s no reasonable way for that to happen: I have far too many things which need to get done.

Ah, well... it ain’t a perfect world; I’m eating a decent breakfast & whisking out my ToDo list now... hopefully finished whinging for today.

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