28 July 2006

"How sweet it is...

...to be healed by you” (apologies to James T or Marvin G).

Researchers at the Bonn University (Germany) have been carefully investigating an old wive’s tale — that honey can heal wounds — to find that yes, it works.

“In hospitals today we are faced with germs which are resistant to almost all the current anti-biotics,” Dr. Arne Simon explains. “As a result, the medical use of honey is becoming attractive again for the treatment of wounds.”

Now, they’re looking to do large-scale testing, based on their initial successes:

“Dead tissue is rejected faster, and the wounds heals more rapidly,” Kai Sofka, wound specialist at the University Children's Clinic, emphasises. “What is more, changing dressings is less painful, since the poultices are easier to remove without damaging the newly formed layers of skin.” Some wounds often smell unpleasant — an enormous strain on the patient. Yet honey helps here too by reducing the smell. “Even wounds which consistently refused to heal for years can, in our experience, be brought under control with medihoney — and this frequently happens within a few weeks,” Kai Sofka says.

The report goes on to say... “In the meantime two dozen hospitals in Germany are using honey in their treatment of wounds. Despite all the success there have hitherto been very few reliable clinical studies of its effectiveness.” which appears to be a common issue for less usual treatments.

The report also mentions honey as effective against MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a polyresistant Golden Staph-like variant) & generally faring well in situations where standard anti-biotics are overwhelmed by singular resistance from the diseases.

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