17 July 2006

Grow your own gold

Golden bacterial remains

This adds new meaning to the phrase “grow your own wealth” — it seems that some bacteria accumulate and even refine gold; scientists have begun to get specific about how this is done, and are proposing processes that amount to growing your own gold.

Star quote:

I want to make a gold nugget one day, [...] Gold nuggets grow in nature, so why shouldn't I be able to make one?

...that’s from Canadian geomicrobiologist, Gordon Southam.

These are Queenslander & New South Welsh gold mines being checked out, and ANU (Canberra) staff are included too. We’ve got Kalgoorlie, plus had gold-rushes in places like Halls Creek and Donnybrook, so I’d not be surprised if studies were preformed here in WA as well.

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