24 July 2006

Feeling the heat

This little lump of rock is getting quite toasty. With about 70,000 people at risk (Mayon has been known to toss hot stuff about 10km into the air), Indonesia is recommending that farmers evacuate — in fact, it appears to be ready to force people out if they don’t go by themselves.

I’d be quite uncomfortable both with the prospect of abandoning my property — which was going to get toasted — & with the obvious cost of staying there during the toasting. Call me fussy, if you will...

Sometimes, I quietly wonder what similar-scope disasters are aimed this way; I don’t expect a volcano in Perth, exactly, but who knows what else could come past? Massive water shortages? Tsunami? Disease? RedBack plague? Invasion? Who knows?

I don’t sit here worrying about each or any of these so you’d notice, but I do wonder from time to time how I’d get on if something catastrophic did arrive.

My most recent personal catastrophe was completely unexpected, so I figure that an occasional gentle trip towards pessimism by way of preparation won’t be the end of the universe for me.

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