18 July 2006

Divided we stand!

If you’re worried about being unable to keep your life together, ponder this little point — a EurekaLert post casually mentions that:

An adult human consists of about 50,000 billion cells, 1% of which die and are replaced by cell division every day. In order to ensure cell survival and controlled growth of these new cells, the genetic information, stored in DNA molecules, must first be correctly copied and then accurately distributed during cell division. Moreover, to fully ascertain that the new cells will contain the same genetic information as the parental cells, any damage to the DNA, which is organised into several chromosomes, must be repaired.

So... 500 billion cells — more or less — decoded, copied, repaired & replaced every day... is it any wonder you feel a little unstable?

That’s nearly six million replacements per second, on average. Do you feel productive? (-:

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