28 June 2006

You never know who...

...well, anyway:

My teen has been through a fair bit in the last week or so — as you’d expect — the most recent being that she was invited to the Collie victim’s funereal in Bunbury on this Friday afternoon.

That’s not a decision I’d really like to face — either way — but she’s decided to settle for a careful card instead, in order to get her very real sympathies across without the risk of causing any undue personal conflict.

The to- and fro-ing at school during the week was not completely trivial, either. From what I’ve heard so far, I’m satisfied that she’s coped as well as I could expect — possibly better.

I’m glad — not that she’s had to cope with such traumua, no matter how directly and effectively, but — that my teenage daughter is dealing with the many rough items so well. Not perfectly (who could be?) but well.

Daughter’s AmerIndian name means “eternal bloom”, which was an inadvertant piece of prophecy with both good & not-so-good parts. She’s living up to it very well.

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