25 June 2006

Water birds

This morning, SWMBO went to a local swap-meet and picked up a stack of “water birds”, that is, small ceramic bird-shaped whistles. To operate one, you put a little water in (maybe a teaspoon or few) then blow gently into its tail. The water oscillates gently and makes the whistle “twitter” instead of plain whistling.

Small Sir got to try one just now, and doesn’t get the idea of how whistles work, so he put his mouth over the whistle, including the whistling hole/slot/edge itself, and blew.

The whistle practically exploded, with ejected water leaving via the exit hole in the bird’s ceramic little head and spraying up all over his face and hair.

I very politely held off (this was difficult) falling down with laughter until I’d safely left the room.

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