23 June 2006

Very near miss )-:

This article details the murder of a fifteen-year-old girl in Collie, Western Australia, strangled with an electrical cable and dumped under a house.

To my great shock, the two girls charged with her murder are both old friends of my own teenager, who is currently spending most of her time in Collie with her "bio-Mum", who is also quoted in that article.

You’ll also read there that a couple of boys were killed in a traffic accident five months ago — they were also friends of my teen, and were killed pretty much instantly when a truck changed sides of the road without any warning.

Not happy times.

The news article also says “Police allege that two 16-year-old girls strangled Eliza to death with electrical cable around Sunday lunchtime, just hours after the trio had partied and danced together.” — and my teen also spoke with the two girls on the day (apparently after the event, although my teen didn’t know that at the time) & described them as “acting just normal”.

Teen now has questions raising themselves for her, like “What else have they done?” and “Who else do I know is a "normal" murderous nut-case?” To put this in even deeper context, read this — “Collie Senior High School principal John Boyland said counselling had been arranged for students, though some were too upset to stay at school.” — & consider that this same teen is a counsellor-student at CSHS.

Amongst other things, she’s picked up a horror of drugs, which it appears the two were using for mental escape from their lives. One of the two had her mother and some siblings killed in a road accident several years ago, too, which has to take a bit of overcoming.

I don’t see a totally happy ending arriving from this any old how, but if you’d like to help, please reply to this message with an email address, phone number or similar and I’ll get into contact with a snail-mail address which will work for you.

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Leon Brooks said...

Should also add that own teen would not go anywhere near such an action, she values the preciousness of life & freedom too much to even think hard about it (is not a wuss, just knows too much about what it costs).

Each of the other two girls have had previous significant wear & tear in their own lives, but very different in nature to own teen's rough times.

Nevertheless, it's not a light event that she can nudge away or forget, & she's currently experiencing many peers, friends and casuals' own reactions (none of them excellent) in her daily life, & so needs real console which in complicated practical terms I simply cannot bring directly.