12 June 2006

Spyware defined for us

It seems that we now have an official definition of spyware:

spyware is deceptive software that is installed on a user’s computer without the user’s consent and has some malicious purpose.

Well, thanks, Bill! I’ll sleep so much better knowing that if I knew it was going on (regardless of knowing its real capabilities) or the author didn’t really regard his program’s intent as malicious and/or deceptive in any way, I won’t be running spyware... hmm... I guess that explains so much of the “non-”spyware I see clinging to ’Doze machines.

Goodness me! Some people even have the gall to carp on about FOSS and trustworthiness! Aiy-aiy-aiiiiy!


Truper629 said...

Leon - that was a nice blog. I got hacked and passwords stolen and over $1000 taken from my paypal account. So I have written some blogs on spyware myself, check them out if you would like.

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Scatt Simon said...

Anti-Spyware: Efficiency of the Means of Defense