19 June 2006

Sex in public with my wife

Yup. that’s the result (printed result, anyway) of SWMBO typing far faster than she's thinking.

(-: I’m not yet sure whether we’re in for an entertaining time or lots of new bruises or both :-)

You just wait, there’s going to be complaints about “stand-over tactics” now... for me standing nearby when she typoed this and doing nothing but carefully hold my breath and silently giggle... her friend in Queensland evidently had trouble with that piece of email — it took said friend a fair while to reply to it; I’m guessing that laughing excessively hard interferes with one’s typing rates, and the stitches/cramps probably didn’t help her typing speed or accuracy very much either.

I can’t really take advantage of cuddly “winter temperatures” yet, either, since we had a “scalding” 5°C minimum last night.

Her typoe(s) happened because SWMBO was talking about two different things while she typed a reply to a third. Drunken typing? Caused at least one accident, anyway. (-:

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