04 June 2006

The penguins get hit this time

We’re talking about a seriously large crater under Antarctica (South Pole) this time, half a kilometer across and a bit over a kilometer below Antarctic ice.

This is more than twice the size of “dinosaur-killer” crater Chicxulub in Mexico; it may have “prompted the break up of the supercontinent Gondwanaland, which created Australia, Africa and India” — so how appropriate is it that Australia’s birth is assigned to a geological punch-up? (-:

This quote also caught my eye:

While the meteorite that created the Chicxulub crater is thought to have been six miles (9.6 km) wide, the Antarctic meteorite could have been up to 30 miles wide (48.3 km).

I admit it to be true: it’s not a universe-sized Big Bang. But it did happen... well... literally within a stone’s throw of us.

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