04 June 2006

Palming off bees, Miss Dinocycle, chain

palm flower About 1/4 of the many things falling from this flower are... bees. I have no real idea what kind of palm this is, but the bees treat it like Nirvana... except that they often konk out after sitting on it for a while.

They tend to bounce off the ground and fly wonkily away, so I'll guess that they finish up well despite their dramatic (non-)starts.

Miss Dinosaur (not pictured) has a pushbike with trainers, now. The wheels go around in the correct direction, and very fast... I'm kind of amazed that she hasn't come a cropper from it yet (helmet always on, JIC).

Leon joins up bike chain I finally worked my way up to joining up an unlinked pushbike chain today.

Due to the many limitations consequent on the risk of me suddenly blacking out, I had to use a small, threaded windey link-pusher tool to fiddle the links — rather than a big "real" one and "real" tools — and get someone else (Sydney) to take the bike for a test-spin to check the results.

Finding the dexterity to scrape some oil and grot from the chain and gears was a bit of a battle, but if I stay with at most one bike a day I could probably get by.

That's hardly employable, but it is progress.

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