30 June 2006

On parole, sorta

The RPRH Doctor in overall charge of my attendance there has removed 24x7 supervision from my ongoing requirements.

This means that I can now do frivolous things like go to the shops by myself & also SWMBO can drive hither and yon without having to cart me along every step (or wheelspin) of the way.

This is still a fair way (including cranioplasty) from me being able to drive, but it is definitely a move in the right direction.

RPRH’s Clinical Psychology section have also started me on Mindfulness Meditation (also called Vipassana Bhavana for its Eastern connections), which specialises one’s focus down to a specific task (initially, that’s simply breathing).

This is a little different from what one might call the more usual relaxing/disconnection meditation in that it is aligned to what you are doing rather than what you might have ambitions to do in the future, and while it is very steadying it is not aimed at being the sleepy relaxation so often associated with meditation in general. The sampling-type processes I’ve been through have resulted in a gentle, clear focus on the central task with acknowledging awareness of non-focal events (typically, surrounding noises).

I’m hoping that this steadiness will aid me in finishing off some “easy” tasks which a signle big whack in the head has made surprisingly complex.

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