19 June 2006


Motium MPC

Andrew seems to be getting along ok at Motium here in Perth recently. He/they now have even more computers lined up, some of them seriously powerful in relation to his original pocket-sized beasties, and generally priced to (slightly) beat similar but ordinary retail systems.

I was impressed to discover that his automotive (for at least hundreds of units at a time) systems have matured, stably. With a high-quality 2.5-inch drive in them, they're kind of difficult to destroy, which would make them pretty much ideal to stick into one's excellent Oka [I like the black one in the Custom gallery] for a rip across the Francois Peron National Park or better.

I have an older-style Motium rack PC (25% of a 2RU) sitting in a local data centre, where it remains after five years of continuous service — on a Flash drive, no less, and amongst concrete dust. Yes, it arrives with things like USB.

Yes, it is running Linux.

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Leon Brooks said...

Oh, yes... it also comes with FireWire, serial (RS-232), video (VGA), EtherNet, parallel, audio I/O, and so on... a staggering collection of useful interfacing in something available down to sandwich size.

The image in the main post is an MPC-425, which works out at 155mm wide x 255mm deep x 58mm high; smaller and larger systems are available.