18 June 2006

Major 'phone-makers ship Linux

Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung & Vodafone are set to ship ’phones running Linux; read all about it here.

They say that “their Linux implementation will provide a global standard, and prevent the ‘fragmentation’ of mobile phone Linux” so they’re evidently not just in it for short-term marketing points. They plan to start their own (not named in article) Foundation to develop the details, set specs/architecture, retain reference source-code bases, etc.

Sounds good from here; let’s wait with ’bated breath to watch it roll out.

This is distinct from the existing MobiLinux ’phone systems, although Panasonic claim to have shipped “8 million” assorted Linux-based units thus far and Vodaphone speak in terms of offering “new services” with the platform rather than directly of/to any existing system(s).

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