18 June 2006

Jim Baen takes a medical hit

Quoting from Baen’s Bar; those so inclined please, pray or meditate for Jim. He started a book business against near-impossible odds and has supported many excellent writers so far. It would please me immensely if he could keep right on doing that despite this health-hit.

=== Official announcement from Toni ===

Dear Barflies

I’m sorry to have to announce that Jim Baen suffered a stroke on Monday, and has been in the hospital ever since. His condition is serious, but it’s too early for any prognosis as to how he’ll fare from here on in.

His family has arrived in NC [North Carolina], and are with him in the hospital. I’ve been to see him, as have other members of Baen’s staff and his friend David Drake. In the meantime, so far as Baen Books is concerned, our plans continue on schedule.

The business is fine, we’re all simply very concerned about Jim.

Toni Weisskopf
Chief editor, Baen Books

=== [end quote] ===

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