29 June 2006

Jim Baen struck down

As of last night (Wednesday), Jim Baen's stroke damage has finally taken him out.

I will be but one of many people missing this careful man & all of the powerful work he’s done in the support of unencumbered & reasonable authorship.

If you visit his publishing company, you’ll discover that Baen Books is an EFF member, true to Jim’s staunch support of free and open markets for good literature. You’ll also see a SpreadFireFox button, emblemic of Baen’s support of real alternatives to the run-of-the-mill mainstream products. Lots of excellent books advertised (many hosted in Baen’s Free Library, too).

The world is a poorer place for the now-lack of this determined and energetic man’s presence. Baen Books will continue as a business & excellent writing will still be available (Jim was wise enough to plan ahead), but any new progress & new advances will rely much more upon the combined efforts of Baen’s valiant authors alone.

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