19 June 2006

Doing the ironing

I have an interesting picture which I have been absolutely forbidden to post (here or anywhere) of SWMBO doing some ironing.

Why “forbidden”?

Well, Her Delightfulness is ironing some sheets...

...that are still on the bed.

No, it’s not as unsubtle as it first sounds; she wanted a flat surface to photo some clothes on for auction, so had stripped the blankets from our bed and was ironing the sheets — in place — to be that surface. It looked a little odd at times and I was rash/foolhardy enough to capture much of this oddness. Forbidden, you see?

On a different & more serious note, Mr Jim Baen is still in hospital & all goodwill directed his way remains most welcome. He’s been helpful, polite & odds-defiant for quite some time, and it would be good if he could remain so for a long while. He is also working (unusual for a publisher) against the currently-insane mainstream DRM trends, so needs extra goodwill to help deflect any curses from any PowersThatBe teams objecting to this.

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