02 May 2006

Things which can come unstuck after a few months

This list is far from complete. )-:

  • the little data fetch you set up a day or two before you go off air chews up several gigabytes and fills up a /var partition
  • even after the assorted data are moved or erased, some logs have meanwhile become so large that they now fail to rotate in the several freed gigabytes, taking down services
  • the card reader which “unloads” your digital camera’s memory goes wonkey
  • excellent, skilled mechanics lose track of how far through a job they are and what else needs to be done about it
  • tiny traffic fines and the like sneak up from from minor distractions to no-licence territory
  • a temporary re-citizenship expires, entailing endless administrative complications
  • minor ATO bills and the like go from relatively-trivial to knocking on Court doors
  • trivial wear and tear on many items can work up to catastrophe through lack of maintenance
  • etc, ad mauseum: really ad nauseum

OK, even remembering huge, careful and persistent efforts by people like The Book-Keeping Network and similar crew towards untangling many surprising details (hurrah!), and even acknowleging the extensive and valuable learning and experience involved outside that, I’m now seriously ready to adopt a more reduced-trauma lifestyle.


Terry Dawson said...

Your fully consumed hard drive appears to be causing you mail trauma as well. We'll feel very discomfited when we see mail to you bouncing.

Please take pity on our Leon-deprived net-souls and give us some reassurance that your virtual self continues fully manifest!


Leon Brooks said...


Thanks for the headzup! I suspect that’s a hard drive to which I have only indirect access, nevertheless I’ll do what I can ASAP.

Another item for the original list: speeding fines (notice of which is snail-mailed to one just as one headbutts some idiot’s apparently deliberately opened car door) do not automatically disappear just because one happens to be comatose for a month.

Katherine Coynor said...

come back to the Bar soon.


Leon Brooks said...

Kathie: now that I am home and have a real-ish internet again, I shall.

Thank you for the reminder. I have two partial Honorverse-set shortish stories to exhume and do a little finishing and polishing on, too. If they seem to work out OK, I shall get them rated by mere humans and then hopefully by a few genuine maestri.

For those who don’t know what “the Bar” is, the addiction awaits herein. It helped (I grabbed a CD image with blessings from David Weber and Jim Baen, and they have at least four new addicts now) keep me sane through my necessary big-time physical repairs. (-:

First I need to find and repair most (maybe all) of the dents that my email server took from various well-intended attempts by others (including my otherwise generally good ISP) to "fix" it. I probably need not emphasise this, but know it to be true that systematic software simplicity and reliability have grown new strengths in my heart, even at the potential risk (in this case) of reading a little more spam.