11 May 2006

Seriously old penguins 2006

National Geographic again, this time saying from the site of LCA2006 that — based on local fossil evidence — penguins arose before the dinosaurs extincted:

The oldest penguin fossils yet found suggest that at least some ancestors of modern birds survived the mass extinction that killed off the dinosaurs.

Heh, pretty much like the way the computer universe at large seems to be headed. Here is the LCA2006 link:

Ewan Fordyce, a paleontologist at the University of Otago in Dunedin, helped analyze the fossils.


Leon Brooks said...

Oh, yup... and the Kiwis get even more dinosaurs thrown in, too.

Leon Brooks said...

To make it a triage, there is also the Triton trip, or how Neptune got a moon 40% larger than Pluto.