10 May 2006

Exit, stage... well, southish then northish

Today I was awarded an ejection seat (with, generally, honour) from Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital in Shenton Park, and was gently, carfeully landed by my two-derful wife [yes, that is Victor Borge-style inflationary language]. I also learned a few extra things.

Those of you to whom I mentioned polite, well-dressed Pia and her interest in martial arts are most enthusiastically referred to this Sydney Morning Herald article and her husband following through en blog. Note that the object is not being waved about harmlessly, it is being aligned.

I also ran across an interesting chunk of interculturalism yesterday. I have a friend called Katenji [any lack of correct spelling is mine] who has a light-up-the-building smile and an excellent personality to back it with, but longs towards more variety in hairstyles (I see no problem — her hair is soft and pretty — but that’s merely a bloke speaking);l today I met another young lady with a remotely similar launching-pad. Frances styles her dark hair with streaks of blondeness, which looks very attractive when carefully dressed (as always, I think) across her magnificent tan. The intercultural sparkle comes from her term for the style... I kid you not, she calls it “half-brain” a real-life form of blonde joke. The rest of her demonstrated humour is similarly bold, whch I must say has proven to be excellent medicine in practice.


Leon Brooks said...

Just in case this is not yet clear: ejection does not imply an intact head yet, although I definitely appreciate the immense and careful work which has already been finished.

The doctors first need to wait for me to finish getting a swelled head — in fact, they need to wait for my brain to settle down almost more than it originally was — because the cranioplasty operation (sticking of skull back together) actually causes a little swelling of its own.

We will find out in a week or so roughly when that will be (the likely scale is several more weeks to several more months), then I need to wait for that to heal. Actual cycling will be at least a few months after that, and I will be, er, sporting a serious stack-hat by the time.

Leon Brooks said...

Attributions: I’d have over 80 constructive names to list out (the odds of this namy names ever happening in a full list — wonderful people and wonderful constructiveness and everything — even with a fully intact head are yea close to nil anyway) and even if I only listed to far fewer entertaining ratbags I’d still be dealing with scores of people in that smaller subclass.

Anonymous said...

an interesting analogy for that article…

As Kung Fu is a clone of Kalarippayattu which was brought to China by Dharma Bhodi, Linux is a clone of Minix, Xenix, Unix and Windows

It just seems so logical when viewed that way