24 May 2006

Excellent car tech-support!

This Japanese domestic invention (known as a “Toyota Master Ace Surf”) was carefully repaired by a local (Wanneroo) mechanic, C & A Autos Mobile Workshop.

These people deduced and completely fixed the real electrical problem which had completely evaded another reknowned commercial mechanic and two auto electricians.

The “excellent” applies to the support rather than to the van itself; it fits in the most amazing places, has the smallest turning-circle I’ve ever seen in any 4WD and prety reasonable ground clearance for a van, but was not designed to last forever, or really for driving Australia’s no-holds-barred for-real bush.

The fault which C & A fixed was a complex little fault in the wiring harness which had completely killed a huge 770-style battery (the largest one which will fit into this van), and the best the others had suggested was replacing the battery. C & A showed me the electrical fault, and said replacement suggestions would have been dead within a week — possibly within hours.

C & A were also able to get a new battery for considerably less than it would have cost us, so now we have a working 8-seater again. Hurrah! All work seriously guaranteed, too.

If you’re a Perth resident who’d like to experience similar competency for yourself, give them a call on 0414-803-185. It helps a lot to be localish (Wanneroo, Joondalup, Wangara etc) but I understand that they work in most of Perth’s Northern suburbs anyway.

They’re friendly, economical, and the big boss uses his mechanical skills to make simple little mechanisms to assist his wife with her medical issues (so he has compassion and character, too), and every customer we’ve seen arrive (including us) has driven away with a top smile. They officially do CV’s, dealer-servicing, autos, dual-controls (they support a couple of driving schools as well) and disabled-driver fittings, so they’re definitely not a shonky late-nighter but steady, realiable, patient and careful workers.

C & A’ve fixed all manner of vehicles of ours and friends, including normal cars, 4WDs, light trucks, and all manner of faults including everything from massive suspension work to replacing an electrical switch on a variety of vehicles including Aussie, Asian, European and Yankee without any obvious difficulty.

It’s very hard to do other than strongly recommend them. (-:

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