13 May 2006

Carrolls well before Christmas

Sean M Carroll [one of several, apparently; ours is from the University of Chicago’s Fermi Institute] is rattling our collective cage, and hopefully the outcome will be more scientific breakthroughs.

Sean asks a question that I occasionally run across in very general terms: “Is our Universe natural?” — one a typical computer coder will answer with very strong negatives after two days of intensive debugging amongst frivolous new features — but here is answered very specifically.

The summary of Sean’s answer is “maybe — but it is definitely different to what we expected!”

The embedded detail is extensive but not mind-blowing; Sean delves (in detailed fashion) amongst a lot of physics, chemistry, cosmology, biology and so on, yet without making it imponderable. His tour of the unexpecteds is quite informative, and lots of interesting (to me, anyway) questions are raised and in various ways answered. People being people, I am sure that more effective answers are available but I am very glad that Mr Carroll has raised the ones he does.

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