30 April 2006

Weight for it...

One side-effect of falling victim to a pointless vandal’s tricks is the loss of “30kg” of bulk — a mass which seems to be very close to 26-27kg in real life (but that is at least half of the entire mass of one of my startlingly dynamic Physio leaders and a significant proportion of the calmer/heftier one all taken away “instantly”).

Far from making me similarly and dynamically fit, energetic and agile (/ME picturing said agile leader or the patient/less-disturbing/stronger fellow-leader), however, all it seems to mean in practical terms is that I don’t need to unfasten my jeans’ fasteners to exit them now.

Also tallying against this as a possible “instant scale correction” is an enormous amount of risk (think “DOA”, of course sans any real notice), pain and probably expense — not to dwell too long on personal distress for many people — which brings “stop eating junk” into a clean, useful, prominent category of its own, especially as enhanced by the “actually do something physical with one’s life” procedure.

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