29 April 2006

A weekness

If all goes well administratively, I’ll be heading home for good (modulo a single later session of cranioplasty — a long word for “reassembling skull bones in place” — at the big surgery) next weekend.

Thank you, RPH branches and many heart-breakingly good staff, for reassembling and keeping together my frail little living-kit, and thanks even more to the beings and forces which stood behind your top-class skills to ensure that y’all together worked what amounted to serial medical astonishment [hearing my hardworking, skilled and knowledgeable family GP (Mr CN) speak to all of this progress is beyond amazing] and that all above/beyond your well-proven and amazing talents plus self-discipline.

Thank you also, the truly stunning number of not-fundamentally-medical people who both directly and indirectly supported my recovery (including one hard-working and patient wife, three marvellous children and more other family, friends, coworkers and penguinistas than I could hope to get my rattled brain wrapped around firmly enough to type in here)!

Together, you amount to some gobsmackingly high number of amazing people between about 5,000 and 10,000 — at least a few orders of magnitude more lives than I could normally imagine being interested in my limited existence at all — but it’s happened and still happening, so I’ve come to terms with it, as much as I think I’m able to. For example, I know one of my current nurses from long ago, and several of the other nurses and other contacts share friends with me, which helps adjustment a surprisingly large amount.

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