15 April 2006

More progress, Nurses

A great many micro-milestones have been crossed, although it may be the better part of a year before I can realistically emulate full functionality, if indeed ever.

I have met even more excellent people, wonderful in many ways — including other patients who have been hurt far worse than me and are showing me how to take damage well. I can’t imagine how to thank most of them adequately.

Also staff special in different ways, many simply great and some of them... different. For example, how do you thank someone for teaching how to yawn properly again and actually enjoy it? To my surprise, I was able to do so effectively and acceptably. Try it, with care.

Finally, on nurses in general... I’d like to find useful ways of making their lives easier — they untangle some (to my uneducated vision) mind-wrenchingly complicated rules into genuinely useful results, most of which are barely if ever formally acknowledged. I do not mean to bury these human miracles in more formality, I mean to find ways to provide genuine but not diluting-or-overwhelming encouragement for them and unfortunately this significant human skill is not one of my reknowned hallmarks.

Genuinely helpful suggestions are most welcome here and now. Miracle-producers come from every gender, level of experience, race and culture available — and other factors — which will hopefully help to result in an accumulation of a more generally applicable collection of genuine miracle-promoters than a “lock-step” ritual would expect.


Richard Neal said...

nice too see your back, you wont know me but I been reading your blog, Im a SLUG member for a few years and a Unix geek since the 80's.

My mums a nurse and they put up with allot of crap, but they soldier on in hope of a little gem in the dung pile of life.

So don't get too angry, it doesnt make things better, just learn and live and move on.

Richard Neal

Leon Brooks said...

Hi, Richard, glad to hear from you. Not getting angry at the staff, they work staggeringly well within the curly rules. Not even really being upset by the admin rules with corner them there, ’coz the rulemakers also have rules to follow.

Really — being merely human and everything — looking for a trump-card to cure all in a splash; but knowing that while a real one is highly unlikely to exist, some reasonable approximation likely does, and both looking for those and rational ways to deploy them — which will be usefully effective for these social and medical wonder-workers despite my massively over-simplified approach.

Thank you once more about even-handedness reminders, because in real life it’s terribly easy to become unhelpfully distracted by some of the less important complications and damage — and a quiet, level, external viewpoint like yours can be a vital reset for that.

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