22 April 2006

Miracle case?

To my great surprise, a “random” staff member (name unknown to me but dressed in Shenton Park (Rehab) Hospital uniform and present therein) mentioned that my (re)developmental improvement has been “miraculous” (“trachea” line and PICC [Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter] patches and so forth apparently included) so my case — at this person’s word — has been “officially designated miraculous”.

What this practically means, I do not yet certainly know — not even if this is (as I presume) officially good progress. I plan to see about officially validating all of this on Monday and will follow through as I get Internet access. Comments from our family MD (who is getting and reading current and relatively detailed copies of the medical reports) are — to put it very mildly — surprising-in-content and encouraging. Internal ShPH therapists and staff have also been very encouraging — while expressing sad familiarity with the irresponsible malice I’d ridden through to make any miraculousness basically necessary.

My head was already brimful of names beforehand, but I have recently met even more fascinating staff and patients. Some of the staff in particular have maintained careful but breathtakingly positive and constructive attitudes and practices about their goals. I would also like to direct as much thanks as reasonable to family and friends plus the many other surprising supporters who have been helpful in getting me “across the boards” even before I finished my initial burst of comatoseness.

However, I get to spend most of this weekend here at home in a truly comfortable and adjustable place of repose (with real/varied shops nearby, too).

As I’ve said before, “it’s not a perfect universe we live in” but this tiny part of it seems to have an air of “possibly-eventually-bearable” already. Compared to the frequent consequences of literally “running across” a random/useless/futureless ball of mindless malice (results often written as “DOA”), this position looks a tad more positive as a potential gateway towards working on a more useful and effective final outcome, at least.


Leon Brooks said...

Hello on Sunday... validation may take until Wednesday or so rather than Monday depending on who has holidays when.

Hopefully, I will actually (de)validate the point today, and maybe even find out what it really means but I’m unlikely for a few days to have real ’net access to be able to publish what I find.

Leon Brooks said...

Now looking a little dodgy. Didn't have any high-rankers to talk to yet, but the “mere mortals” aren’t confident about it.