14 April 2006

How to trash a non-life

Quick answer: set yourself up to ambush cyclists with your car exactly where police expect you to and neighbours will also be videotaping you.

Result: no vehicles left to you, no licenses, years of “holiday” time amongst many other losers — plus big fines — plus no real future.

The choices for me the victim were poor. Rather than be crushed by heavy traffic or headbutt a hard wall at about 17 m/sec, I chose the car door... and went through to headbutt the following footpath, destroyed the stack-hat, broke lots of stuff (including a partial craniectomy), learned some interesting things about police methods, bounced through Joondalup hospital with good effort and incredible speed to fetch up at Royal Perth not many minutes later within an ace of being DOA despite the effort... got operated on by some miracle workers who turned me from essentially a lump of meat with most of a pulse back into an ambulatory, vocal, functional human within a startlingly short time.

My brain is now essentially OK — modulo some bits of Short Term Memory killled by the total loser’s antics — and the body is steadily rebuilding, so I do have a viable future as this develops. However, I truly have ZERO appreciation for a selfish waste of space and oxygen who hurts people for the hell of it, including that it had already hurt several others before applying it’s stupid malice to me.

I have many more people, however, to gladly thank for their support than I could possibly remember even with all memory cells bursting with excellent functionality. These include the more-or-less expected (but still welcome and highly special) individual family and friends, PLUG, the many helpful people in University of WA’s Computer Club, many Linux Australia people, and zillions of hard-working, motivated and indispensible medical staff (Nurses, CA’s, Doctors, Physios, OT’s, plus the very many of those magic people bearing acronyms I cannot recall), the Book-Keeping Network and so on amazingly to me. If I missed your group, that’s not your flaw at all, but that of the busy, growing and complicated consequences. There are too many other contributors for a simple list to be meaningful. However, you know who you are, and please accept that while ‘fame’ at this keyboard has escaped for now, the ever-lasting and real value which is part of what you have done (are doing) never ceases.

I’ve met seriously memorable people from all over the World, and many traditional foundations of ignorant prejudice have been forever “totalled” (permanently obsoleted) for me (e.g. gender, age, race, culture, size, much else). It hasn’t been an overall pleasant experience, yet has had pleasant moments and I’ve learned some important things (e.g. “I don’t know” is a very valuable phrase at times) and my “now” is already seeming much better than being dead or vegetalian at the hands of some utter loser.

Also, since my last significant attendance at main RPH, the steady improvements in staff conditions (staff themselves, too) and many minorish-sounding items like food are dominantly improved to excellence “across the board”. I also thank AW in advance for his sign.


Lindsay Holmwood said...

Great to hear from you again Leon.

Kristy A. Bennett said...

Hey Leon! Awesome to see you are back with us online! Our prayers have been with you the whole way and man, what a testimony! Keep going with the rehab, as frustrating as it can be, and we'll see you on the other side (whenever that may be). All our love from the Bennetts.

cfsmtb said...

The aftermath of a "incident" is some how forgotten in these altercations .... :(

Must ask though, how are the WA police progressing with this case? We'd like to say all strength to your arm (and the other functional bits) and wish you well in your recovery.



Jonathan Oxer said...

Hey Leon, It's fantastic to see your amazingly rapid recovery so far! Just focus on getting better and don't even think about the *^#$# who did this to you. Your recovery is what matters now, so keep looking ahead and keep that positive Leon attitude we all love.

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks all so far for excellent encouragement!

Leon Brooks said...

Note that said last appearance was most of a decade ago, so reasonable time has ticked through... but I won’t need to point out to hospital workers that most of a decade is a staggeringly fast time for any fundamental change in the majority of “gummint”-administered processes, even more so in red-tape-immersed and critical ones like medicine — or that not everything has been miraculously fixed, just that the extant improvements are positive, meaningful and impressive.

Pascal Klein said...

Nice to know you're back on track mate. :)

KatteKrab said...

Welcome Back Leon - So pleased to see you back online and read your words. Best wishes for the increasing momentum of your speedy recovery.

M said...

So very glad to read your voice again mate.
Your post seems to suggest that not only was the door opening a deliberate act but the bastard has done it before??

Here is hoping that the "justice" system finds a cold dark place for this fellow to spend many lonely nights in.

Indulis said...

The UCC "old-timers" have been sending notes around (via 300 baud acoustic coupled modems) about your health... glad to hear that you're better