06 February 2006

The rain in Perth falls mainly on the earth...

...ending a long fine spell, at least in the northern suburbs. Big, dark clouds built up to the northeast and then it came splatting down at about 15:30 and has been (on and off) since.

Niece Danielle married the incomparable Scott yesterday at Mulberry Farm, and we definitely could have used some cloud cover at that point. It’s a very pretty riverside function centre but the entire ceremony was held out in the blazing sun. Both participants got top value out of the union, IMESHO. Then there were cold drinks and excellent scones.

It seems that Pia is going to visit this largely-forgotten patch of Australia near where the sun goes to sleep at night. Top stuff! Note to all sandgropers: Pia is good value, take full advantage of this opportunity.

It also seems that BlogSpot’s photo upload thingy is kinda broken. First time I’ve tried to use it. The image from doesn’t show up on either the LA Planet or the blog post itself, yet it did at the time and does if you visit it directly. Do that, it’s funny.

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