13 February 2006

Prior art for Qantas' budget branch?

So I was worried about a slightly lopsided star? Well, it turns out that I hadn’t seen nothin’ yet...

herbig haro 111This object is called “Herbig Haro 111” (for George Herbig and Guillermo Haro) and the jet pictured is 12 lightyears long, or in other words Proxima Centauri would be only a third of the way up the picture if the emitting star was good ol’ Sol.

Even more interesting was finding movies of the jet, which unfortunately end in 1998... I wonder if there have been any done for the 8 years since? It’s also interesting seeing the knots in the jet “rez in” as the imaging technology responsible for each frame improves. Stop-motion photography at a year per frame!

Still... that there gas is scooting along in a fairly brisk fashion. About 500km/s, they say. And how does gravity account for a “Jetstar” with a 12ly tail? Shrug. It doesn’t.

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