02 February 2006

The perth is flat

Nothing between Wanneroo and Northbridge even counts as a foothill compared with the lumpy bits at Dunedin.

I notice that the council has been doing some half-hearted temporary repairs on the cycleway between Erindale Road and Cedric Street; the high points have been filed off fairly roughly — it looks like someone attacked the pavement with a stump grinder — and a few small areas of concrete (presumably the bits that didn’t take so kindly to the stump grinder) have been replaced with asphalt. It’s marginally less lethal, and the sign still promises permanent repair “next summer”.

The mechanical vampire got a full quota of plasma and platelets in 14 minutes 55 seconds instead of the budgeted 39 minutes today. I wonder if they have races?

I can’t believe how knackered I am, and it’s not even 9PM yet. Adios!

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