21 February 2006


OK, Pascal, I'll see you and raise you a couple of kilowatts (-:

glowing linux

If you like it, help yourself under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike licence. XCFs available on request. It’s basically just ten minutes spent with The GIMP’s GlowingHot plugin plus a brief frenzy of layer-copying.

If you view just the image in a tab with a recent Firefox, I note, the tab’s icon is animated. I’m not sure whether to be overwhelmed or chagrined at that. (-:


Pascal Klein said...

Cute. :P

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks, Pascal. Your opinion counts heavily. Note that I made no claims along any of the competent/impressive "work of art" lines.

It ain't a perfect program or living in a perfect universe, but The GIMP can be excellent fun, and of course I can't complain about the price tag. (-: