22 February 2006

Everything in moderation, Styx

Too little reality can be just as harsh. People tend to step off tall structures, walk in front of fast-moving objects and say things that make them pine for a rewind button on life.

We’re here anyway, and no matter whose theology* you believe it’s a one-way trip. You have two basic choices: enjoy it or hate it. I fail to see the point in spending a lifetime in despair or rage when I could be spending it discovering and enjoying stuff.

That philosophy doesn’t expect or require every moment of even the most wonderful life to be a paean of exquisite joy, but it does make the “ground state” a lot more bearable. (-:

I find that an important question to ask is “what is this for?” You won’t always get answers — let alone meaningful ones — but it can interrupt an emotional crash-and-burn by engaging the reasoning part of your brain, it can bring useful caution in moments of euphoria, and it does lead to you discovering stuff. Occasionally, it will be very interesting stuff.

* yes, of course this includes atheology

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