12 January 2006

Whether the weather be not

After several days consistently in the high 30s (Celcius, for our North Mexican visitors), the weather decided to be cold and rainy today, the one day in ages that I relied upon cycing for transport. I discovered that it was not actually cold enough — cycling releases enough heat into a spray jacket to make the inside wetter (from sweat) than the outside.

For the curious, the full rhyme quoted in part above is:

Whether the weather be hot,
or whether the weather be not,
we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather,
whether we like it or not!

Other than being sodden (and heavy), the actual riding was fine. I entertained myself by finding the driest pieces of path to ride on, which was sometimes the skinny kerbing on the edges.

It turns out that there’re two immigration departments in the same building; the one I waited in (for over two hours after the receptionist remarking that the queues were unusually short today; I was glad to have lugged along a laptop and got some writing done) to get a Resident Return Visa, and another “business” one a couple of floors up.

Lo Shen Valles, Venus

No rambling post would be complete without some odd interplanetary terrain. The above is Lo Shen Valles, on Venus. Check out the tadpole at the bottom, does it remind you of anything?

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