26 January 2006

NZ seems to have a native pigeon...

...about twice the size of the normal article, with the same iridescent-green-on-gray chest as the kea and some of the smaller straight-beaked birds. Grey-brown (diamond-dove-coloured) wings and a cream abdomen. Sitting in a tree about five feet above me, stripping it of leaves one by one. And me without my camera.

Many of the WA crew gathered in Woodhaugh Park (Davyd wearing a flag, Jacqueline a LOUD pink floppy hat) to celebrate Australia Day while the professional delegates and speakers were off at their respective dinners. Fush and Chups (including Kumara Chups, made out of a sweet-potatoish) and a sausage sizzle. Beer (and in one case sarsparilla) made in Australia, salad and local icecream. Luxury!

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