11 January 2006

Must not sleep!

Customers will get me.

On a completely different note, how do you reckon craters like this pair get formed? They’re from the Coprates region on Mars, just under the Valles Marineris, and they’re about 200km across, so if one of them formed on, say, Nannup, it would pretty much obliterate the South West of Western Australia (everything from Bunbury to Augusta and across to Walpole, at least).

coprates craters

Special features to note: the extra hole in the middle, the “terraced” or “double-walled” rim, and the many similarities to each other.


Anonymous said...


Mars is just going through it's "teenage" years.. and you know the teen's worst nightmare! Pimples! :D

M said...

At a guess I'd say it's the sort of dirt and probably the different layers of dirt that cause that, but only with certain impact levels (notice the smaller craters don't have the same effect).

On a slightly off-topic question.. I was reading the other day the reason earth has seasons is because of it's "tilt".
Does that mean that there may be terrestrial planets out there without "seasons" ?

I wonder what sort of effect that would have on the human psyche... or even our growth patterns and evolution?

Leon Brooks said...

?: not sure what we’d use as zit cream. (-:

M: [craters] Valles Marineris is immedately adjacent to the upper crater, yet shows no sign of the kind of large layer which might produce such an effect. There are other large Mars craters which don’t have the effect (one ~70km across almost immediately N of these), still other craters of various sizes which have a peak instead of a hole.

M: [tilting at planets] couldn’t even speculate on the growth patterns. Possibly “seasons” would be determined by something besides temperature. But imagine a planet tilted like Uranus is, or worse, one which precessed frequently, “catastrophically unstable” in the technical sense of the phrase. Winter equals six meters of ice, summer equals soldering with any handy dark rock or frying an egg by sticking the pan in the sun for five.

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