31 January 2006

IPW2200 and Linux

Wade, the IPW2200 in my ACPI-crippled laptop is one of the few pieces of hardware in it that worked first time with Linux (Mandriva 2006.0, in this case, with the firmware RPM from PLF ’coz the Free version of the distro can’t ship it — one for Intel’s ToDo list, I guess), whereas XP on the same laptop drops persistent connections (typically ssh) about every 20-60 seconds at random, and also flubs about every 10th web-page (delays some, refuses to load others, yet a reload 10 seconds later is fast and perfect).


Anonymous said...

Ever since 2.6.15-1.1881_FC5, I'v really had no problems.

Running with the FC6 test kernel at the moment, and although it requires new hardware it is still rock solid (finally).

Now I just need to make get ACPI working reliably and coming out of suspend.


Anonymous said...

The last time I tried to install Linux on a laptop was a complete failure. Admittedly the laptop was old (486 vintage, and only had about 32 megs of ram), I eventually had to admit defeat and limit back home in disgrace.. How can I hold me head up and clam to be a computer geek if I can't install Linux properly.. Ah well, had a lot better success installing it on my new dual core "power beast".. It sure hums along nicely now..

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