27 January 2006

Australia Day at LCA2006

Jeff Waugh with flag

Here we have Jeff Waugh preparing to wow the locals (Davyd Madeley was flag bearer for the little group I chose, but I didn’t take enough happy snaps).

Jeff hamming it up

Jeff (being Jeff) couldn’t resist hamming it up.

This was a really suave tree we went past on the way to Woodhough Park for the BBQ. It govered an entire large housing block. The steep and otherwise empty block (with a path running up each side) was evidently once a street. The crown of the roadway at the top is wrong for a tee and right for a crossroads with the cross-contour street dominating.

der ubertree

der unterubertree

Unfortunately, the many omitted happy snaps include (or, really, exclude) Woodhough Park, the BBQ, the pigeon, the Water of Leith running past, Davyd in his flag, Jacqueline’s hat and so on. Davyd does, however, get a cameo part at the left of the first photo.

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