31 December 2005

Stuck on 'doze? Want a PDF reader that doesn't suck?

Try Foxit’s PDF reader. Loads in an instant (no grunging through scores of plugins that you’ll never use), fast and light display. What more could you ask for free?

The paid versions also do text extraction (they claim “the best available” and I’m so far inclined to believe them), gross editing (page reorganisation and the like) and “like a normal editor”

xpdf logo

Piece by piece, I can foresee a time in the distant future when I can almost make XP a livable environment. Stuff like a PDF reader just comes with Linux, I never even think about it. It’s like having lived with an automatic gearbox for years and suddenly having to deal with a manual. Except that this kind of “manual gearbox” doesn’t have any of the control, bump-starting and safety advantages of the automotive variety.

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