08 December 2005

Remembering Roger -- Gardening

Dad netting treesAnother “worth doing well” habit of Grandpa Roger’s was gardening. If you or I mentioned ”planting a few fruit trees” it might amount to a lemon and an ornamental peach; for Roger, it was forty-something trees, plus grape, taxonia and passionfruit vines. He was also into growing flowers in a big way, not only big in quantity, but many individual flowers with blooms larger than my head.

He also spent many a happy hour behind “the fabulous monster” (it roared, moved, left tracks and breathed fire, or at least hot exhaust), his rotary hoe and I long ago lost count of how many tonnes of fresh vegetables he provided to friends and family. He also specialised in growing luscious stuff on paddocks which others had lost hope in.

Dad's flowers

Dad's veggies

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